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nothing like a little sword play after a long week at work!
Good morning and welcome to The Hunt- a gathering place for SCA and medieval information on the Web.

This search engine started in 1999 as a way, mostly, for me to find the SCA stuff I needed...

Five years later, the site now has a resource database of 779 SCA and medievally related sites: personal, professional, and official, and the list keeps growing!

To get started, click on go hunting from the menu to the left. This will take you to the search page, where you can hunt for a variety of resources using many different tools: including the brand new ultra-cool 'forage' mode, which allows you to simply click on a category and get a list of sites related to that category.

If you're interested in adding your site, simply become hunted! There's no cost involved, and it only takes a couple of minutes to add your site to our ever-expanding list. With over 2000 visitors a month, this is a pretty fair place to get listed.

If you have question or comments, please contact me. A little shameless plug- I'm a reasonably good web designer, and am always on the lookout for barter deals- design for SCA accoutrements n' stuff.

Bon Chasse! - Christofe DuBois, Proprietor

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